Mi Niña texte de Chus, musique de Helmut Lipsky 

Viaje a los sueños texte de Chus, musique de Helmut Lipsky 


Quel beau disque que celui-là! Chus privilégie la douceur et accorde toute la place à des musiques tout en nuances exécutées au violon, à la flûte, au saxophone, à l'accordéon, à la guitare, à la basse et au piano. Chus possède une voix chatoyante, on devine la poésie filtrant entre chacune des phrases. Un vrai régal pour l'oreille.
Manon Guilbert, Le journal de Montréal, 1999

AMG EXPERT REVIEW: Never let it be said that Latin pop (as opposed to Latin rock or rock en Español) isn't diverse. Depending on one's taste, a Latin pop enthusiast can find everything from the most bubble gum of teen-pop to the most serious of ballads, and it doesn't get much more serious than Pensando en Ti. Concentrating primarily on ballads, female vocalist Chus maintains an ultra-serious tone throughout this excellent CD. The lyrics, all of them in Spanish, are as poetic as they are dramatic, and Chus, who has a very charming quality, passionately brings them to life whether she's singing about a romantic encounter in Lisbon, Portugal on "Lisboa" or reflecting on her love for a child on "Mi Niña" and "Laura." Although this album contains few uptempo selections, Chus increases the tempo with memorable results on the exuberant "Las Penas Desaparecen." But ballads are her forte, and she avoids predictability by incorporating different Latin styles at different times. Depending on the song, Chus will bring in traces of everything from Spanish flamenco to Argentinean tango — all the while demonstrating how charismatic and expressive she can be.****
Alex Henderson, All Music Guide, 1999

Lovely voice and wonderful arrangements... The lyrics of some of the songs are very meaningful and the violin of Helmut Lipsky sings wonderfully. If you like beautiful music, try it, you will like it.*****
Paul Howard Holden, Amazon.com, 2000

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Ce disque a été produit par Hans Dieter Steudel

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